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David J. Scoffone, Chairman

Mr. Scoffone brings over 35 years of management and entrepreneurial banking experience to Pinnacle Bank. He is chief executive officer and president of ATS, a transportation company in Fremont, California. Mr. Scoffone was a founder, board member and advisory board member of Heritage Bank of Commerce in San Jose.

Allen R. Greco, Vice Chairman

Mr. Greco is president of Allen Greco Accountancy Corporation, working in partnership with fellow director Joseph Filice in the Greco & Filice, CPA partnership. With deep roots in the community, Mr. Greco's practice has been located in Gilroy for over 25 years. He has been a member of the advisory boards of South Valley National Bank, San Benito Bank and Heritage Bank South Valley. Mr. Greco serves as vice-chairman of the Pinnacle Bank board and chairman of the audit committee.

Jeffrey D. Payne, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Payne began his career with County Bank and Trust where he advanced to senior vice president during his ten year tenure. Through mergers, Jeff continued his career with Pacific Western Bank and then Comerica Bank. Prior to joining Pinnacle Bank, Jeff served as executive vice president, national manager, SBA at Comerica Bank.

Susan K. Black, Director

Ms. Black has over 30 years of extensive experience in the banking industry as the former president and chief executive officer of Pinnacle Bank, and previous founder and chief executive officer of two community banks in Palo Alto. She is a director and treasurer of the Hartnell College Education Foundation and is a director of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation. Ms. Black is a Senior Fellow in the American Leadership Forum and a member of the International Women's Forum.

Paul Bruno, Director

A long-time resident of Monterey County, Paul Bruno is Chief Financial Officer and Principal of Monterey Peninsula Engineering. He is actively involved with a variety of community organizations, including the Carmel River Watershed Conservancy, Seaside Groundwater Basin Watermaster, and the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association. Mr. Bruno serves as the chairman of Pinnacle Bank's compensation committee.

Joseph A. Filice, Director

Mr. Filice is president of Filice Accountancy Corporation of Gilroy, which is partnered with Allen Greco Accountancy Corporation. Mr. Filice was a co-founder and director of Gavilan Bank in Gilroy and South Valley National Bank in Morgan Hill. He is a certified public accountant and a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Al Pinheiro, Director

Al moved to Gilroy in 1964, served on the Gilroy City Council and was Mayor for 9 years while continuing to manage his insurance agency he established in 1976. He has served on many boards in the Gilroy community, such as, President of Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy Exchange Club, Gilroy Sister City Association, Gilroy Economic Development Corporation, and others.

Edward J. Rossi, Director

Mr. Rossi is the founder and chief executive officer of California Kitchen Cabinet Door Corporation, a Morgan Hill wholesale manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. The company has operations in Morgan Hill and Salinas. Mr. Rossi is the chairman of Pinnacle Bank’s ALCO committee.

Advisory Board

Morgan Hill Advisory Board

Patty Filice - Chairman

Gloria Ballard

Lisa De Silva

Fran (Chiala) Lauridsen

Peter Rehon

John Sorci

Gilroy Advisory Board

Sam Bozzo - Chairman

Joseph Aiello

Joel Goldsmith

Pam Martin

David Peoples

David Vanni

Monterey County Advisory Board

Mike Boerlin - Chairman

Lars Frieberg

Louis Frizzell

Lina Gomez

Maria Lavorato

Paul Moncrief

Brian Turlington

Our Organizers

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Joseph and Katherine Aiello
Theresa Amaral
Preston and Lois Avery
Norbert Azevedo
Alfredo Cunha
Jeffrey Barnes
Susan Black and Aris Angelopoulos
David Brigantino
Anthony Bruscia
Robert Cain and Todd Renz
Jess Castillo
George and Mary Alice Chiala, Sr.
Nick Cortese
Peggy Degregori
Frank and Donna Dicker, Sr.
Greg Edgar
Joseph and Jeanne Filice
Fred Gerbino, Jr.
Kenneth Gimelli
Allen and Michaela Greco
Michael Greenwood
Albert Guerra
Frank and Joyce Guerra
Mark Hewell and David Sheedy
Ronald Ianni
Jeffrey King
Sherrel and Penny Kirk
Robert Kraemer
Glenn and Christel Morley
Tim Muller
Don Olivet
Pacific Diversified Insurance
Al and Vilma Pinheiro
David Pinheiro
Richard Place
Bill Reimal
Joe Rocha
Jose Rosa
Edward Rossi
Kirk Rossmann
Thomas Ruiz
Deborah Rutlen
S&B Investments
Richard Sanchez
Lee Schmidt
Bennie Schulman
David Scoffone
Edward Silva
John Silva
Robert and Sandra Snively
Pepper Snyder
John and Toni Sorci
Bob Taylor
Michael and Janet Thompson
Donald Trinchero
Eleanor Villarreal
Gary Walton

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