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Pinnacle Bank's Remote deposit scanner

Remote Deposit Check Scanner - Securely transmit your deposits - save time and improve security!

Introducing Remote Deposit—a new business solution that enables clients to deposit checks electronically without leaving the office.

By using Pinnacle Bank's Remote Deposit, businesses can scan checks that are then securely transmitted to the bank. Deposits can be created at any time – twenty four hours a day/seven days a week, including holidays – and businesses can see their deposit post online the next day.*

Pinnacle Bank's Remote Deposit enables you to:

  • Make deposits at your convenience.
  • Improve cash flow by increasing deposit frequency and putting your hard earned money to work immediately.
  • Eliminate the cost of courier fees or employee trips to the bank.
  • Maintain a comprehensive history of check deposits online that provides access to image archive and retrieval.
  • Know that your checks are transported securely with immediate deposit confirmation.
  • Streamline cash management with more automated check processing.


  • No special IT requirements
  • Quick installation
  • Compact scanner
  • Technical support from your own banking office

For more information about Pinnacle Bank’s Remote Deposit or our other business banking solutions, please contact us at one of our banking offices.